Privacy Policy

Lanelia Commerce Inc. recognizes User's right to confidentiality and privacy and abides by the terms of its Privacy Policy. Under no circumstances will Lanelia Commerce Inc. disclose any information pertaining to the User, including the contact, personal information or transaction history, to third-parties except when such information is requested by the law enforcement agencies or the Court of Belize.

GBULLION technology has been developed while taking into account contemporary security and user confidentiality requirements, expected of Online Information Storage Systems. All information on the GBULLION system is stored by the Company with close attention paid to keeping data confidential.

User Agreement


By opening an Account with GBULLION the User:

  1. Agrees that this Agreement documents the contractual relationship between the User and the GBULLION system. At any point a printed copy of this Agreement shall constitute proof and/or evidence of the commercial and other terms applicable to this contractual relationship;
  2. Confirms that he/she has read and completely understood provisions of this Agreement, and agrees to be bound by obligations stated in terms of this Agreement;
  3. Agrees that provisions of this Agreement will take precedence over other provisions, policies and contents of the GBULLION website. In the event of conflict between provisions, those of this Agreement will take precedence.
  4. Understands and agrees that GBULLION is not a bank and does not render real bank services;
  5. Agrees to use GBULLION solely for legal purposes, which are not prohibited by provisions of this Agreement, international or national laws, and not affecting interests of third parties;
  6. In case of conflict of the text in agreement on public website with the text in agreement inside the user's account — the latter would take precedence, as the more exact and current one.


Unless otherwise expressly stated, or the context implies otherwise, words and expressions listed below shall, when used in this Agreement, bear following meanings:

AGREEMENT refers to this agreement between GBULLION and the User.

SYSTEM refers to GBULLION SYSTEM – this is a web-based platform, that allows to purchase, sell and manage gold in real-time.

USER refers to a person who wishes to open an Account with GBULLION for further use of its services.

OPERATOR refers to Lanelia Commerce Inc. company, registered in the jurisdiction of Belize. This company is the owner and operator of the system and oversees general system activities.

CUSTOMER’S ACCOUNT refers to User’s Personal Account on GBULLION, which becomes accessible after successful registration and creation of an account, which contains Username (login) and Password.

PASSWORD refers to an alphanumeric code, adopted by the User for accessing an account within the GBULLION system. The Password is a string of symbols which is only known to the User and meets the complexity requirements. Under the present Agreement the word Password can be applied to another identification procedure, as agreed by the User and the GBULLION system.

REQUEST refers to a command by the User, drawn up and sent via the internet-client (terminal) of the GBULLION system via User’s account, following a preliminary authorization (entry of username and password).

Gold Grams (gg.) means electronic equivalent of gold, used within the GBULLION system as the payment unit. 1gg. = 1 gold gram. Hereafter in the text of this Agreement the words “electronic equivalent of gold”, “the payment unit”, and “gg.” should be treated as interchangeable concepts.